Native Tree & Grass Plantings

Successfully planting native wildflowers and grasses is usually achieved in areas opened up after tree thinning.  We also plant to restore the disturbed soils of construction sites.  We work with you to create a vegetation plan that optimizes the use of the seeds in the area of re-vegetation.  At times we work with your soil before sowing the seed for greater success.  Often we will add our wood chips over the top to add mulch and nutrients to the soil. 

Tree Planting

In forested areas, we have great success planting the native tree seedlings.  Our management-planting plan will depend on your elevation, aspect, soil conditions, sun/shade, etc.  The seedlings we have planted most are:

  • Englemann Spruce

  • Doug Fir

  • Aspen

  • Ponderosa Pine

  • Bristlecone Pine

  • Limber Pine

  • Blue Spruce

Other species that are available to us: Austrian Pine, Pinon Pine, Rocky Mountain Juniper, and Scotch Pine.

For Deciduous trees seedlings we have:

Cottonwood, Willow, Oak, Lilac, Plum, Sumac, Cherry, Ash, Hackberry, Honeylocust, Dogwood, Currant, and Sage.

Our main goal is to diversify your forests and to create an ecosystem that is more resistant to the ills of a forest of trees that are the same age and same species.  Having a diverse forest is more resilient to disease and insects and creates the dynamics that a forest needs to thrive.

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