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Tree, shrub, and vegetation pruning. Our professional tree climbers use only proper pruning techniques to reduce the risk of tree failure.  A proper prune will help prolong the life of a tree while a younger tree gets established to take its place. 


A certified arborist will never top a tree to reduce the height.  Often homeowners feel their trees have become too large for their property.  They believe that topping would reduce the height and remove the hazard.  However, topping creates a much greater hazard.


Why topping a tree creates a hazardous tree?


  • The tree reacts in despair because all of their foliage was removed and in their last attempt to live, they send out a rapid growth of multiple shoots to put out a new crop of leaves as soon as possible.  This seriously weakens the tree and  uses its energy reserves

  • This stressed tree becomes more vulnerable to insect and disease

  • Large pruning wounds cannot be healed over and creates large amounts of decay sent down into the trunk of the tree

  • The tree is exposed to too much sunlight and creates sunburn which leads to cankers, bark splitting, and death

The irony is that while the goal was to reduce the tree’s height to make it safer, it has been made more hazardous than before.

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